Mental Health Fund

Our Mental Health Fund was launched on World Mental Health Day (October 10th) 2019 in response to growing mental health challenges in Worcestershire. We consulted with a wide range of mental health experts through a virtual steering group, before deciding on a remit for the fund which would support current mental health needs.

Our initial focus has been on addressing young people’s mental health issues, looking at projects working on early interventions before crisis point has been reached; we have been working with three specialist organisations in Worcestershire- Young Solutions, YSS (Youth Support Services) and The Forge PRU in Redditch to achieve this.

After raising c £50,000 of funding, we are now in the process of broadening out our initial theme and working with new key organisations to address other issues and channel additional funding with a different focus.

We have ambitious plans to not only match this sum but raise substantially more. We are inviting donations from individuals, businesses and trusts and foundations to create a fund which is sustainable longer term and can have the widest possible impacts across Worcestershire. We also wish to build strong partnerships with a selected number of businesses already focusing on mental health within their own organisations.

With the increasing mental health challenges faced during the pandemic, we are keen to build and develop the fund to make it sustainable long term and able to support our communities into the future.

  • The fund aims to achieve social impacts, helping to save resources longer term.
  • We are working in partnership with selected key local organisations, delivering solid projects, achieving scale and creating sustainable impacts.
  • The fund is part immediate impact and part endowment based, so we can invest in generating sustainable revenue for the future.

The faith placed in us by the Foundation means that we were given the chance to achieve outcomes for young people which we have done’.

COVID-19 Resilience Fund

Since April 2020, WCF has distributed £650,000 of Covid-19 Response funding to 150+ local groups projects via our partnership with the National Emergencies Trust and the Dept of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). This funding has been vital to help the Worcestershire Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) continue to operate through unprecedentedly difficult times.

Most of the funding was given out very quickly in small grants (mainly up to £3,000) to multiple groups across a very wide spectrum, including food banks, volunteer networks, young and old people, digital programmes and domestic abuse centres. Two larger scale grants of £50,000 are going to support a limited number of projects with more widespread strategic impacts, including digital provision and mental health.

The VCS is at huge risk once the immediate Covid funding ceases; charities are under immense pressure to provide additional services to locked-down communities, whilst unable to generate income by fundraising in their usual ways. Although the immediate impact funding has now come to an end, we wish to develop a sustainable fund for the future which will support Worcestershire during further pandemic waves.

‘WCF’s faith has recently been extended to wider work with the BAME community in Worcester City which, led by Young Solutions, is bringing all partners together to address the needs of BAME young people re diversionary activities and employment and training opportunities.’

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