Making a donation

Every donation to WCF makes a terrific difference to our work with communities; every year, thousands of individual donations of varying sizes help our work become more sustainable.
We are happy to receive donations towards specific themed funds or appeals, but equally welcome contributions towards unrestricted funding which helps to support our day to day running costs. If you wish to select a particular fund or appeal for your money to go to, please let us know in advance or when making your donation.

If you are a UK resident, please consider gift aiding your donation which makes your donation worth 25% more to us, at no extra cost to you.

To give now:

Donate Now

For further details on giving in other ways please contact us (see below).
If you would like to talk to us about making a larger donation to WCF or giving in any other way, please contact Lucy Wells, Director on 07909 111812 [email protected]

‘I love supporting WCF because I know the money always goes to a worthy local cause which helps lots of different people’

Regular Giving

Regular giving by direct debit is an increasingly popular way to give. It allows you to give smaller amounts more often, so you can give to suit your budget. The great thing about this form of giving is that it provides regular income for us so can be budgeted for, and it is usually longer-term.

‘Giving a regular donation to WCF means it’s easy and doesn’t upset my cash flow- but I know it makes a difference!’

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