WCF hosts a range of funds supporting local communities by addressing real needs in the county. Our current funds include Arts & Mental Health Fund, The High Sheriff Fund and The Tom Jones in Memorium Fund.

We can make setting up a fund really simple with a theme that reflects the wishes of the fund holder, offering you the flexibility to decide which groups and projects are supported by your fund and how the fund operates.

We can offer two different types of fund: long term capital funds invested in our endowment and flow-through ‘immediate impact’ funds.

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds are invested and the income which they generate is used to make grants. These funds are extremely valuable in that they generate sustainable income for longer term grant making.

Flow-through Funds

Flow-through funds are short-term and normally spent within the year they are donated. Donors selecting this type of fund generally want to see maximum impact in the short term. As with all our funds, donors can decide the purpose and geographical area of interest.

For further information on setting up a fund contact Lucy Wells, Director.

[email protected]

07909 111812

‘We found it really easy to set up our fund with WCF- they handled all the admin very efficiently and we just had to decide when and how we wanted to spend the money!’

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