Stepway – Community Garden Pilot Project

WCF’s Inclusive Communities Grant supported Stepway’s Community Garden pilot project working with the probation service and community pay back scheme.

Stepway is a military charity supporting all veterans and family members in civilian life. The project aims to break down barriers between veterans in the justice system and civilians through working in the Community Garden at HMP Hewell in Redditch.

One Stepway beneficiary said:

“When I started on the community payback scheme, I did not think I had a future. Stepway has helped me to find my sense of belonging and purpose again, Without this specialised and tailored support I may have slipped further into a life of crime. The charity showed me another pathway away from crime and onto a brighter future”.

 A veteran in his 40’s was referred to Stepway from the probation service to take part in the pilot scheme. Since attending, he has started his own business and reconnected with friends and family. Now his community service is completed, he volunteers for the charity to help others get off the path of crime and prevent them from feeling isolated.

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