Worcestershire Parent and Carers’ Community: yoga class

Worcestershire Parent and Carers’ Community provides support for families who have a child or young person with a disability and/or additional need. Their aim is to support the whole family, providing an opportunity to socialise with other families and simply enjoy a family day out.
WPCC has been putting WCF’s Covid-19 grant to good use:  by running a yoga session once a week, which takes place face to face (covid restrictions allowing) and can also be accessed online for those who do not want to attend in person. WPCC’s first wellbeing day is scheduled for March and will include yoga, mindfulness and coaching sessions, as well as lunch.
A few thoughts from WPCC’s members:
“All members were offered online yoga sessions. I have to say that I wasn`t sure at first but I was encouraged to give it a go. I had dabbled in the past but didn`t always feel that it was for me, or my other excuse was I was to busy and I didn’t have time for such an activity. I have to share with you that I have absolutely embraced this, and it has really benefitted me especially during lockdowns with a young adult who was and still is with me everyday and lockdown was and to some extent still is a real challenge. The yoga has been able to give me that hour just to rejuvenate and make me able to take on any challenges I might have.”
“The yoga sessions give me an hour in the week that is just for me, when I can forget about my worries and caring responsibilities and just concentrate on my own wellbeing. Kate is wonderful and seems to understand everyone’s needs. and to be in the company of other parent carers who just ‘get it’ and are there to lift you up when it all seems too much makes it so much more valuable”.

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