The Wyre Forest Hospice: Covid Response

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on KEMP Hospice. Our doors were forced to close because of the pandemic, and we had to rethink how our services are provided to residents of the Wyre Forest. Receiving a Covid Response Fund Grant from Worcestershire Community Foundation empowered KEMP Hospice to act and set up the Virtual Day Hospice.
Using technology, we were able to continue to connect with our most vulnerable patients. David and Irene have benefited from the Virtual Day Hospice sessions with Irene saying “We have been enjoying KEMP’s Virtual Day Hospice programme and attend the weekly zoom session. They really brighten and break up our days. We really look forward to them.”

Feedback from a Virtual Day Hospice client: “We are really enjoying the Zoom groups; it breaks the day up and they give us something to look forward to.”

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