Simply Limitless

Simply Limitless provides a range of services that support people in the community with their physical/mental health. Social connectivity and physical health have both suffered significantly during the pandemic and we have identified the need to continue to support people with their physical health and wellbeing by providing exercise classes free of charge for people to join from home. These classes provide an accessible way for older people to exercise in a safe way. With the funding provided by Worcestershire Community Foundation we have been able to broadcast free exercise class to people that helps get fitter and also provides a social environment.
We have also used the equipment to run an online family activity session for the families that we would normally connect with in-person via our centre. These online sessions have been a great way for families to engage with each other.

We have been able to run our Moodmaster sessions online via Zoom; Moodmaster is a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) course that helps people improve their mental health. We have had some fantastic feedback from people who have taken part:
Kay – ‘Before Moodmaster I was so down, I would curl up into a ball. I now feel like I have a new purpose and I’ve perked up more’
Matthew – ‘Being able to join in with exercise sessions online has been an absolute god-send. I find it really difficult to be disciplined and exercise by myself so being able to join in with other people has been a life saver.’
Jill – ‘Moodmaster has helped me to see that I am not alone. It’s so powerful to know we are in this together.’

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