Megan Baker House: Online Sessions

Funding was used to remove one member of the conductive education team from furlough and pay towards their salary so they could deliver virtual classes via the internet, to some of our most vulnerable children.
Conductive education is a hands on holistic approach to learning. Being placed on furlough meant that not having face-to-face sessions had a negative impact on each child’s physical progress and wellbeing. When talking with the parents/guardians they felt that their child had lost a lot of the skills that they had been taught. By undertaking the zoom sessions it meant that we could target these skills and begin to build them back up so that the children could begin to improve their physical wellbeing and skill level ready for their return to normal sessions.

These zoom sessions were also an ideal opportunity to provide the parents/guardians with tools on how to incorporate what we do as conductive education specialists into their daily routines. It was the perfect way to explain to each parent/guardian how conductive education is supporting their child’s learning and why it is important that it is followed up in all other aspects of their routines.

Feedback from a parent:
“The sessions helped in several ways. Having someone else leading the therapy sessions gave my child motivation and was a positive change for her (after having only myself deliver for the last 5 months). It also provided me with new and different ideas to try for myself with my daughter. The social interaction with someone else was also positive, she has really missed her Megan Baker sessions, and the zoom sessions provided her with some form of normality and familiarity, and gave her something to look forward to each week.”

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