Carers Careline

Carers Careline received a grant from Worcestershire Community Foundation to support their response to the Covid 19 Crisis which hit in March.
In our original application, we referred to an elderly couple we work with. He had been her carer but as they got older, they really became carers for each other. We had already helped them with getting food and cash early on during the lockdown. We had regular conversations with them through the lockdown. They had had to cancel a holiday which they were disappointed about, their wider family lived abroad so they had no local family support and no prospect of a visit to look forward to. The symptoms relating to her long-term condition flared up and she was very poorly. Because of our concerns about them both, we increased the regularity of their telephone support. She got an appointment to see the specialist in Sheffield so we supplied them with face masks, we have just completed a blue badge application for them. Small acts like this do help isolated and lonely people feel that they do have somewhere to turn to and that people will help them. We know that because they tell us.
Other carers have also made comments:-
“I’ve found it really good how we have been kept informed, given things to do and chances to connect. It’s been so good.”
Another carer commented to me
“Your (people) have been like little angels. They have made me laugh made me cry, They are the most incredible people. Your gang has kept me going”.

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