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We are delighted that our immediate impact fund is open again with effect from 4th August 2020.
This round offers grants of up to £5,000 to support organisations responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
This round will close at midnight on 19th August 2020. After that the applications will be assessed and you will hear the result in early September.

To apply please complete the application form here.
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Before we begin the list - a warning about fraud. Sadly, even at this time, there are people who are willing to exploit the generosity of others. All our offers of funding will have proper “due diligence” to kick out fraudsters and if you see your charity’s name being used in a suspicious way call it in to Action Fraud.

Searching for funding
The list below highlights some of the funding sources that we think might be most useful at this time. But you can start your own unique search across a huge range of potential funders. Be warned the list is massive and  you may not be successful, indeed some won't even reply to you (we know from trying ourselves) but it is certainly worth a look. Before you can search you have to register, but don't worry that will not mean endless adverts, just a regular update on new grants coming on line. 
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The list is in alphabetical order and we have attempted to make the titles indicative of the purpose of the fund, but that doesn't always work so its worth just scrolling through.

Advertising Fund (FSB).

OK, this may be a bit of a long shot but given that charities operate as small businesses I think this should be available. Mail/Metro Media are offering £3,000 of free advertising to small businesses impacted by Coronavirus. They do not promise that all applicants will get the free advertising but it seems worth looking at. We will investigate further and if anyone has a go please let us know how you get on.
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Aids - Elton John Foundation
If you are supporting people with Aids this is worth investigating. They offer grants for work that directly supports people with Aids who have particular issues because of the pandemic.
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Armed Forces Covenant Trust
Although they focus mainly on direct support for individuals if your work has a strong connection with ex-service personnel who are suffering than they may be a useful connection. They now have a fund providing grants of up to £10,000 to address Covid related isolation faced by the forces community.
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Arts Council
If you are a charity concerned with any type of arts or cultural activity this is certainly worth a look and although they have a seemingly huge £160m budget the demand is massive!
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They have come up trumps with an offer of funding including core costs with the grants being up to £50k. The link is to the text of an e-mail so it will download rather than popping up on the screen.
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BAME - Resourcing Racial Justice.
This fund offers grants from £5,000 to £50,000 to organisations addressing the issues facing BAME communities during the pandemic. It appears to have a broad scope ranging from tackling immediate issues to longer term structural challenges.
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Barclays 100 x 100 Fund  
OK so this is a big one and will be beyond the reach of smaller charities, but Barclays Bank are offering 100 grants of £100,000 each supporting charities assisting people who have suffered from the impact of Covid-19. We will be looking at it in detail to see if we can bring some of this funding into Worcestershire but if anyone has any good ideas, possibly working as some sort of consortium, do get in contact.
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Big Society Capital Loans
Big Society Capital are the experts in social funding and they are offering loans to support charities through the pandemic. This is proper business finance for the social sector and really only for organisations with the capacity to deal with relatively complex funding packages. Sorry - don't be put off - have a look around their site!
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Bounce Back Loans.
This is a government backed loan scheme not a grant - so it has to be paid back, but it may be useful for charities struggling because of Covid-19, including those whose work does not support the crisis but who are losing income because of it. Loans are up to £50k with up to 6 years to pay back with zero interest in year one.
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Bransford Trust
This is a great Worcestershire charity that has been supporting charities across the County. We are not certain of their approach to Covid-19 but given that two of their priorities are community and healthcare then it will be on their radar. If anyone has success here please do let us know.
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Charities Aid Foundation
CAF have a large Coronavirus Emergency Fund that is focussing on smaller charities but demand is outstripping supply so they keep having to pause the fund.
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Children in Need Covid-19 Fund NEW
BBC have expanded this funding to provide a special emphasis on children who have been "disproportionately impacted" by the pandemic. Grants are up to £80 and can last for 18 months.
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Clothworkers Foundation
This is not limited to people working with cloth! They are offering grants of up to £5,000 for capital items supporting the response to Covid-19. They say that they have a 2 week turnaround time.
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Community Businesses - Power to Change
Power to Change is about supporting community business across the board but they have switched almost all their efforts to responding to Covid-19. They don't just offer funding but a range of support, so if you are running a community business why not have a look.
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Community Radio Fund. 
This is rather niche but Ofcom is delivering funding to support Community Radio stations who have serious financial problems because of the pandemic. It is a very narrow window for applications - 4th May to 11th May, so if you need this get going now!
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Councillors' Divisional Fund Scheme (WCC)
Worcestershire County Councillors have access to a pot of money to allow them to make one-off grants to local organisations on their patch. Any approach must be made through the local councillor and, obviously, there is a lot of demand. But its worth a go! If you don't know who your local councillor is you will need to go to another part of the WCC site to find out.
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This is a newish approach that turns the old approach of applying for grants on its head. You decide how much you need to deliver your initiative and then place what amounts to an advert on a crowdfunding site and people who like your offer give you money on-line. There is evidence that it can be really successful but that success seems to be linked to a very specific and attractive call for funds. The other downside is that the crowdfunding site charges you a fee, normally taken when you hit your target. Though not for everybody it is certainly worth a look. The current local favourite, partly because they are not charging a fee for Covid-19 related bids is Spacehive which is linked below, but there are lots of providers out there - just google crowdfunding.
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Eveson Charitable Trust
This long established Trust accepts bids for all sorts of charitable work. They seem not to be limited to Covid-19 responses so if you are looking for support to keep your core work going they may be worth a try.
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Food Charity Grant Fund (DEFRA).
If you are a food bank or in any way involved in food distribution look at this one! DEFRA is offering grants of up to £100k for food purchase and distribution to vulnerable people.
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Garfield Weston
They offer support across a wide range of activities. They have already stumped up £1m to big appeals but are open for smaller bids as well.
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Good Things Foundation
If your charity is looking at risk and could end up having to close down then have a look at these guys - this is their main focus.
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Herefordshire Community Foundation
Our friends and colleagues over the border are giving grants - for Herefordshire obviously, but if your charity straddles the border then this is the go to funder!
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Heritage Emergency Fund
There are unlikely to be too many charities that can apply for this but if you look after a historical or heritage site then grants from £3,000 to £50,000 are available. We don't have any direct experience of these grants but it may be that the definition of a site is quite broad. Please let us know of your experience.
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Homelessness Response Fund.
This is a government fund off £6m delivered through Homeless Link. It is aimed at smaller charities and seems to allow support for core activities where the crisis has reduced income as well as assisting new work. Charities do not have to be exclusively working with homeless. The application window closes on 27 May, so get your skates on!
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Independent Age.
Grants of up to £15k are coming on stream now to support older people who are "likely to be missing out - now and beyond the coronavirus pandemic". This looks like a thoughtful and creative opportunity and is worth following up.
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Kennel Club
We have no experience of this but they seem to be offering support for canine related charities during lockdown. If you have an interest in dogs why not look and please report back on any success.
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Kids, Cash For
The local radio station Free Radio is part bob a national group of stations that run the charity Cash for Kids and they say that they are offering a special Covid-19 fund. We don't know much about this at the moment but if you want to check it out please do and tell us how you get on.
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Leeds Building Society
Though not exclusively dedicated to Covid-19 work the Leeds Charitable Foundation is offering support for capital items to charities with a turnover of less than £1m.
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Legal and General
This well known financial institution has put a significant sum into its charity pot and will support a wide range of organisations.
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Lloyds Bank Foundation 
This long standing foundation has changed its arrangements to deal with the pandemic. It is worth reading the details, although they are quite long. They consider support for existing grantees but also look to new grants wider than just a Covid-19 response.
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Loans from Charity Bank 
This will only be for larger charities but you can get an interest and fee free loan of up to £1 million from Charity Bank.
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Masonic Charitable Foundation
The Masons offer support not only to organisations but to individuals and they have a wide brief. They are particularly useful if you have any existing Masonic connections.
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Magic Little Grants
This does what it says on the tin! From the Postcode Lottery a scheme of light touch grants of £500 for anything and everything that can make a difference.
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Mental Health (NSUN)
If you are a smaller, user led organisation supporting people with mental health issues this is one for you. The National Survivor User Network is hosting a national fund with grants of up to £1,000 to assist peer support.
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The National Charity Mind are hosting a Coronavirus Response Fund with government money. It has a broad mental health remit and is offering grants of £20,000 or £50,000 for major projects. This fund is currently paused because of a very high take up.
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Money Saving Expert Fund
Martin Lewis - the much loved money saving man has launched a £1.9m fund. At the moment we think it is paused because he has spent it all! But keep an eye on it. His site is also full of good money saving tips.
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Music Venue Trust
If your charity runs music events and, for obvious reasons you are struggling because you can't put anything on then the Music Venues Trust may be able to help. We don't have any first hand experience but understand that some Village Halls have used this.
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National Lottery
Easily the largest single funder nationally it is always worth keeping an eye on the Lottery. At the moment their Community Fund is focussed on Covid-19 but they have been changing the rules a bit so the best place to start is to read their statement and then navigate their site from this.
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Neighbourly Community Fund
This is an interesting initiative backed by a number of the big retail organisations. The idea is to support people in local communities suffering financially or emotionally because of the pandemic. Grants are for up to £400 and the action needs to be very local, very specific and very practical.
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NHS - Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity
This charity only supports work within the NHS and does not give grants outside. But if you are doing something that benefits the NHS it may be wiorth talking to them.
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Police and Crime Commissioner
The PCC is a good source of funding for community initiatives and has focussed the Covid-19 response at Parish and Town Council community groups, so if your focus is on a particular location it is worth having a look.
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Refugee and Asylum Seekers
If you support refugees or asylum seekers Hope for the Young are offering grants of up to £250 for 12 weeks to support individuals up to the age of 30.
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Severn Trent 
Our local water company have had a Community Fund for some time but have now focused this on Covid-19. They have to suspend this from time to time to cope with demand but it is one to keep an eye on.
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Sick Pay Reclaim
There is a government scheme that may allow you to reclaim the sick pay of an employee absent with Covid-19. If you have any staff inn this situation it is worth looking at the guidance.
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Sport England
Sports organisations could really do with a page especially for them (and maybe we will get around to that) but for the moment a great starting point is the Sport England website. This is dealing with a £195m package that its being delivered in a number of different ways, so it you deliver any kind of sport or physical activities go and have a look.
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Standard Life Foundation
This financial institution is offering "easy access" grants for work focussing on people with financial problems. They also seem to be interested in R&I, so if you are looking ahead to the recovery phase they may be worth a look
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Supermarkets and Retailers
Most of the big supermarkets and retailers have schemes to award small local grants and most have switched to focus on Covid-19. They all work in slightly different ways so it is worth having a look at the arrangement for your local one. (Some have stepped away from local funding and are putting all their charity money to big national appeals)

Swimathon Foundation
This fund provides grants of between £2560 and £1,000 to help small swimming clubs deal with the impact of Covid-19. The closing date for all applications is 22 May.
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Tech Force 19
This is an NHS fund to support organisations (not just charities) coming up with technological solutions to addressing isolation and care at home. On the face of it this seems very tekkie, but reading deeper they may be able to support initiatives that use more basic technology but in an innovative way. We don't have any evidence of success but if you pursue this please let us know how you get on.
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The mobile phone people are match funding staff giving so if you have personal links with staff in the company look at this and talk to them.
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Western Power
The power infrastructure people seem to have set up a coronavirus fund. We don't know much about it but are investigating. If you discover anything please let us know.
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William Morris Big Local
Offering support over a wide range of work through their Community Chest
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Women's Organisations - ROSA. NEW
Grants of up to £10,000 are available to support "specialist women's organisations" and are considered on a rolling basis.
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Women's Support - Smallwood Trust
Smallwood Trust helps women in financial crisis individually or through other charities. They have streamlined their processes to get help out as quickly as possible.
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Worcester Municipal Charities
Only available for the City of Worcester this long standing funder is certainly worth a look.
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Yapp charitable Trust
Only for smaller charities, this Trust is offering grants of up to £3,000 to keep them going through there poandemic.
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Youth Endowment Fund
They have set up a new fund to support organisations assisting young people who are vulnerable or suffering because of Covid-19. We are not sure how it is working. Any intelligence on this would be useful to share.
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If you have any feedback on what we say or if you know of good funders not on the list please let us know. We are very busy so we may not be able to get back to you personally but we will certainly take note of your comments. To let us have feedback please email rogerb@comfirst.org.uk

These pages are likely to be looked at by charities and community organisations, so from all of us at Worcestershire Community Foundation, thank you so much for all your effort and hard work. You are, through a few big actions and a million small actions, helping Worcestershire through the pandemic. When we come out at the other end, and we will, you will be able to look back with pride at your contribution. But till then ... stay safe and stay strong.

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