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At Worcestershire Community Foundation we are determined to make a real difference for the people of Worcestershire. We want to support charities and voluntary organisations, particularly those smaller ones who don’t have the resources to mount big fundraising activities themselves. Here are the stories of some recent successes.

South Worcestershire DIAL
The Disability Information Advice Line is using a grant from the Community Foundation to provide finance and benefits advice and support to people with mental health problems as they prepare to be discharged from hospital. People in this situation often struggle, not simply because they are leaving a safe environment but because they have to cope with a reduced income. The work of DIAL will help to ease the transition and give them the best start possible for their future lives.
Eastham Memorial Hall
The Hall will build on the momentum gained from running fitness and mobility classes locally by using the grant to buy mobile, low impact fitness equipment suitable for use by local residents in this rural community. The aim is to provide a low-cost alternative to gym membership, accessible to all ages, particularly older people and to improve health and fitness.
The experience of bereavement is particularly hard for children so Footsteps are offering 0ne-to-one support and group workshops to help the mental health, social welfare and future well being of children who have lost loved ones. Footsteps has been working in this area for some time and this grant is helping them reduce their waiting lists.
We usually think of medical interventions when we consider how to help people with mental health problems, but there are other ways of making a difference. Jestaminute uses performing arts to help build confidence and self-esteem and to get people to engage in new social groups. This approach is both popular and successful and helping people to overcome their problems.
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