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The Community Foundation makes giving to your communities easy. You can set up an endowment fund to deliver grants year on year or we can distribute your funding immediately by setting up a flow through fund.

Setting up a Personal Fund (PDF)

Endowment Fund Options

Named Funds

A Named Fund at the Community Foundation works like a charitable trust but is much easier to manage, saving you the trouble of appointing trustees, handling investments and administration. Named Funds are available for those who wish to commit to a minimum of £5,000 and will support the Foundation's general grant making. Funds created or reaching £20,000 or more can be used to support issues and areas of your choosing.

Donations to Named Funds are tax efficient, attracting Gift Aid and allowing the donor to claim other tax reliefs. The Foundation is also happy to accept gifts of shares. Funds are invested and the income is used to make regular grants to projects helping local communities. All the grants we make are ratified by the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Themed Funds

Not all our supporters are in a position to set up their own Named Fund, and some prefer to give to the Endowment Fund which gives out grants from the interest the money makes. Our general grant making is managed by a Grants Committee who would welcome new donors to sit on the committee and have a helping hand on where the monies go.

Flow Through Funds

We help many supporters give directly to communities. Donors ask us to give a set amount of money to groups or issues they care about. We work with the donor to identify suitable groups, process applications and distribute funding to those in need. This is an immediate way to make a difference. Current donors choosing this option are Comic Relief, Youth Social Action Fund and the Colin Kinnear Fund.

For more information contact the Community Foundation’s Development Director Lucy Wells,  07909 111812; email: Lucy.wcf@comfirst.org.uk

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